Entertainment Booklets

The Entertainment Book fundraiser will run until October 27.  The program has been introduced to all students, in their classes.  Each student who wanted one was given a sample Entertainment Book to take home, as well as order forms, and information on how to set up an account if they wish to sell to customers online.  Books cost $30 each.  Students will earn (for their individual music travel accounts) 40%  ($12) for each book they sell directly provided our combined group sells at least 150 books ($6 per book if we sell fewer than 150) and 40% of any book that their customers purchase online.

What is the Entertainment Book?  Many of you are already familiar with the Entertainment Book, but there are a few things you may not know.  The Entertainment Book is a thick book chock full of coupons for local businesses, including restaurants, recreation, retail stores, grocery stores, and more.  If you only use the 4 Safeway coupons in the book (easy to do if you’re doing pickup and drop off at Rockridge) you will already savetwo-thirds of the initial cost of the book, If you also use the coupons for IGA Marketplace you will easily save more than the book’s total cost.  In addition to the actual paper book you can use your book’s serial number to print off extra coupons online.  You can also sign up for a free mobile app to get coupons on your mobile device!  One other great piece of news – the book we are selling is the 2015 edition, but you can use it now – it is valid immediately, from now through December 31, 2015.

How it works:  Direct sales:  At the end of the program students must return either the sample book or $30 payment for it.  If they take orders for additional books they should turn in the order form plus payment to the music room (slot by Mr. Brown’s office door) and the books will be given to them to deliver.  Payment should be either cash or checks made out to “Rockridge Secondary School”.  We only have local area books available for direct sales.

How it works:  Online sales:  Students can set up their own individual links through the Entertainment Books website to do online sales.  It is very quick and easy to do.  They will get a unique code which they can then choose to share with friends and family through emails, Facebook, or any  other social media they use responsibly.  Since they have a unique code their sales will be credited to them but they do not have to do anything more.  Customers can use the online system to order books for any of numerous locations in Canada or the US for themselves or as gifts to be sent to others.  Purchasers who use the online system pay by credit card and the books will be shipped directly to the address they specify.  Students are not responsible for collecting money or delivering books sold through the online system.  The price of the book is different in some locations but in all cases students earn 40% of the book price.

To set up an individual online sales link go to www.entertainment.com/share.

Make sure you use our school’s group ID # which is 1019799.

Questions?  Contact parent volunteer Kathy Martinez.  kgmart@earthlink.net


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