QSP Magazine Sales

Ordering new magazine subscriptions online or renewing subscriptions to magazines you already receive is really easy with QSP and it is a great way to earn money for the Rockridge Music program. The next time you receive a renewal notice from a publisher for a magazine you already receive, put the notice in your recycling bin and go straight to the QSP website to place your renewal order.  Magazines make great gifts also!  QSP sales help students pay their individual expenses for travel to music festivals throughout the year.

First step – Register your music student

Note that this must be done by a parent.

Go to the QSP website home page, www.qsp.ca, and click on “Register” right in the middle of the page.  Fill out the form. You will have to choose a password and enter contact information as well as a Group Number. Our Group Number is 3702552.  Your music student is the participant.  When you complete the form and click the “register” button at the bottom of the screen your student will be assigned a unique QSP ID. Please make a note of it.  There is a place to check on the form if you wish to register more than one participant (student).

Second step – Invite people to order

Your next step is to invite supporters such as friends and family to order. You can tell them in person, send them an email that you compose yourself, or use QSPs email invite system.  In each case, be sure to tell your supporters what program you are raising money for and what the money will be spent on (Rockridge Music program; expenses connected to participation in music festivals) – the QSP online email system has a place you can customize and personalize your message. You also need to tell them the QSP website address, your Group Number (3702552) and your QSP ID.

Third step – Ordering

Customers follow these steps to place an order:

  • Go to qsp.ca
  • Click on “Shop Now” under “Supporters” on the right side of page
  • Enter Group #3702552 and click “shop now”
  • Browse online selections and place your order(s). Make sure to choose new or renew.
  • Proceed to checkout when done. Make sure name on shipping address matches name on original subscription for renewals to avoid any accidental overlap. Payment is by credit card.
  • Note: During checkout customers will be asked for participant’s QSP ID. This is how your student gets credit for the sale. If the customer does not know the QSP ID the student’s name and teacher’s name (Mr. Brown) can be entered instead.
  • Customers can print a receipt if they wish.

Tracking/managing sales

When you login to your QSP home page there are a number of options available to you and your student to track and manage your QSP sales. You can order magazines directly from your home page, view various reports, and use the customer management system to send emails inviting customers to order. The reports will let you see when someone has ordered a magazine from you and how much the sale was for.

QSP returns to your fundraising account approximately 30% of total sales, depending on the items sold.

Please email any questions about the QSP program to Kathy Martinez at kgmart@earthlink.net


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